Student Enterprise Awards


The Patents Office is pleased to be involved in the Student Enterprise Awards2018-2019, as we wish to encourage student entrepreneurs to reflect an awareness of Intellectual Property (IP) and the value of IP rights when setting about developing a business idea and establishing and running a successful enterprise.

A special prize, sponsored by the Patents Office, will be awarded at the National Final, in each of the three categories, to the student enterprise whose Business Report demonstrates the best awareness, understanding and inclusion of Intellectual Property (IP) in their business and business planning. 

Why is IP so important? The branding of your goods/services or the way your product looks is very important. In addition, you must ensure that the technology you may use in your product and the promotional literature you print should not infringe on anybody else's rights.  All this means you will have to consider one or more of the different types of IP and how this may impact on your business. Remember! every business has some form of IP and IP is very important for your business's success.

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IP in Your Business

Choosing your brand - is it already trademarked? A new product - is it patentable or is it a design or it may be both? Can your work be covered by Copyright? These are questions which should be considered by every business when setting up.

Why IP?

Knowing how to use, protect and exploit Intellectual Property (IP) should be an important factor to be considered by anyone establishing any new business or enterprise.

Find out more:

Take a look at the additional information and IP-Panorama which will help you develop your understanding of the role of IP in business.

Your own IP

See how abstract IP rights influence everyday protects.

Explore the different forms of intellectual property :

·         Copyright

·         Patent

·         Design

·         Trademark

See how abstract IP rights influence everyday protects.


Use the IP PANORAMA e-learning tool to increase your IP-awareness and obtain practical knowledge about using IP for business success.

The IP Workbook:

Consult Chapter 4 of the Student Enterprise Awards Workbook for information and the Worksheet to be completed as part of your report.


The timetable of events, rules; judging criteria; marking scheme and advice from judges, are available at