Types of Trade Mark

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Ordinary or standard trade mark

The majority of all trade marks fall into this category. They consist of words, slogans, logos, etc. whose purpose is to distinguish the goods and services of their proprietors from those of other undertakings.

Collective mark

A Collective Trade Mark is a mark that distinguishes the goods or services of the members of an association from those of others.

Certification mark

A Certification Trade Mark is a mark that "certifies" goods or services as being of a certain standard or possessing certain qualities or other characteristics.
A certification mark can only be registered in the name of the proprietors if they themselves do not produce or provide the goods or services to which the mark is applied.

Series of trade marks

A series of trade marks is a number of marks (no more than six), which resemble each other in their important features and differ only in respect of non-distinctive elements that do not substantially affect their identity.

Three-dimensional mark

A three-dimensional mark is a mark that consists of the shape of a product or its packaging.