How to Apply

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Any person or company etc who uses or proposes to use a Trade Mark can apply to register that mark.

An application may be made either before the mark is put in use or afterwards. Generally speaking, an application should be made to register a mark as soon as possible to ensure priority over anyone else who applies to register the same or similar mark.

Filing Options:

- On-line – complete the on-line form here. The fees for filing an application must accompany the on-line application.

- By post - download the application form (Form No.1) and post it to the Patents Office, Government Buildings, Hebron Road, Kilkenny. The application fee can be paid at this time or within one month of the date of filing.  As the Office can no longer accept payment by cheque please click here for details on how payment can be made.

- In person at the Patents Office.

- By secure drop box facility – only intended for use by persons or firms which make or intend to make a number of applications on a frequent basis. It facilitates the submission of encrypted trade mark applications and associated documents electronically and securely via the Internet.

An applicant may pursue his or her application personally or choose to employ the services of a registered Register of Trade Mark Agents. If an application meets the criteria for registration, it is registered with effect from the date of application.