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Status Registered Registration No. 237971
Kinnitty Castle
Birr, Co. Offaly
Description of Mark Kinnitty Castle
Representation of Mark
Goods & Services Class: 35
Advertising; business management; business administration; office functions.

Class: 39
Transport, travel and tourist services; namely co-ordination of travel; reservation services; arrangement and booking of travel; tourist guide services; country and city guide services; arranging of tours and cruises; provision of information relating to travel, tourism and transportation; travel advice services; on-line travel, tourism, booking and travel agency services; booking, travel, tour, tourism, reservation and vehicle rental services; horse rental; hiring of horses for transport; chauffeur driven car hire service; chauffeur services; rental of chauffeur driven cars; transportation of passengers in chauffeur driven vehicles; information, advisory and consultancy services all relating to the aforesaid services.

Class: 41
Entertainment and entertainment services; recreational services including the provision of recreational and entertainment information; parks, and recreational parks; theatres, theatre productions and theatrical booking agencies; production of shows; presentation of live performances; providing cinema and movie theatre facilities; screening of films and other audio visual presentations; arranging and conducing conferences, seminars and competitions; museums and art galleries; providing recreational facilities, golfing facilities, gymnasium facilities, sports facilities, health clubs services, holiday and sports camps; leisure centre services; swimming pool facilities; golf training and practice facilities; sport centre services; physical education and training services; organising sporting and golf competitions; organisation of entertainment for wedding celebrations; educational and training services; sporting and cultural activities; nightclub services namely entertainment; sports equipment rental; rental services in connection with golf clubs, golf carts, buggies and caddies, golf bags and golf accessories; educational services relating to painting; arranging parties for fishing; provision of facilities for fishing; recreational services relating to horse riding; rental of horses for recreation; equipment rental for recreational horse riding; horse riding instruction; horse riding schools; organization of horse riding meetings; horse training; courses and instruction on hill walking.

Class: 43
Hotel and accommodation services; hotel reservation services; hostelries, boarding houses, public houses, licensed premises and taverns; holiday camp services; provision of temporary accommodation; restaurant, bar, cafe and catering services; provision of food and drink; providing facilities for banquets, meetings, conferences, seminars and exhibitions; nightclub services namely the provision of food and accommodation; room hire; provision of access to historical sites and archaeological sites; historical information services; and visitor enquiries; creche facilities; arranging of wedding receptions; professional consultancy relating to the aforesaid services.

Class: 44
Services of a hair and beauty salon; beauty treatment services; spa treatment services; massage services; relaxation therapy and health care services; hygienic and beauty care for human beings; hairdressing salon; provision of sauna facilities; relaxing services; baths; jacuzzi; caldarium; massage; manicure and pedicure services; rehabilitating day spa services.

Class: 45
Personal shopper service; arranging of wedding services; maintaining a list of wedding presents for selection of others; preparation of wedding present lists; baby-sitting services; clothing rental; personal reminder services.
Date of Registration 14/11/2007
Date of Publication of Registration 20/08/2008
Priority Date
Registration Renewed
Address for Service WILLIAM CREAN
Suite 313/315
The Capel Building
St. Mary's Abbey, Dublin 7