Praktika Intern 2012

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In-house training programme for patent professionals

The EPO operates a programme of in-house training modules aimed at European patent attorneys working in private practice or industry as well as candidates for the European qualifying examination (EQE).

The three modules which make up the programme have been designed for participants with different levels of knowledge and experience:

·         Module 1 - Initial training

·         Module 2 - Working with an examiner

·         Module 3 - Technical board of appeal

They are free-standing and applicants will be selected irrespective of their previous participation in any of the other modules. Participation in the training is free of charge but participants must bear their own living costs and other expenses. It is possible to apply for financial support from the EPO.

Further information about each module and registration is available on our
website. Register until 29 February 2012 for this year's programme.