How to Apply

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In order to apply for a Design registration, the applicant must be the proprietor i.e. the owner of the Design. The proprietor can be the author of the Design or the employer of the person who created the design if this was done in the course of the employment (subject to any contract or agreement to the contrary).

An application to register the design should be made before the design is made available to the public. To apply, complete the appropriate application form. The completed application form should be accompanied by the prescribed fees.



Single designSingle Design application form 2011 Single Design application form 2011.doc (0.05 MB, MS Word) Single Design application form 2011 Single Design Application form 2011.pdf (0.08 MB, Adobe PDF) 
Multiple designs

Multiple Design application form New Multiple Design Application Form No. 1A.doc (0.05 MB, MS Word) 

Multiple Design application Form No. 1.pdf (0.09 MB, Adobe PDF) 
Single designGuide to Completing the Single Design Form 2012 Completing the Single Design Form 2012.pdf (0.10 MB, Adobe PDF) 
Multiple designsGuide to Completing the Multiple Design Form 2012 Completing the Multiple Design Form 2012.pdf (0.13 MB, Adobe PDF) 

The Patents Office will accept a design application by fax to 00353 (56) 7720179 or Lo-Call 1890 220120.  If a design application is received by fax during office hours it will be given a filing date for the day it is received, provided it meets the minimum requirements for a filing date.  If the design registration being applied for is an image, the office will treat the application as being in respect of the black and white image on the faxed application form. 

If a copy of the faxed application with a colour version of the same design is subsequently submitted, the office will not automatically replace the original faxed black and white image with the colour image.  If an applicant wishes to substitute a colour image of the design for the black and white image of the design, which was originally applied for, then the applicant will have to formally apply to amend the application and pay the prescribed fee of €12.00.