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About Us

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Legislative Background and Functions

The statutory functions of the Controller are set out in the Patents Act, 1992Links to external website, the Trade Marks Act, 1996Links to external website; the Intellectual Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 1998Links to external website, the Industrial Designs Act 2001Links to external website, the Statutory Rules made under these Acts and the European Communities (Supplementary Protection Certificate) Regulations, 1993Links to external website. Decisions under these Acts, Rules and Regulations rest with the Controller in his statutory capacity, subject to certain rights of appeal to the High Court.

These statutory functions are concerned with the granting of Patents and the registration of Trade marks and Designs and the administration and maintenance of these industrial property rights (read more about this in About Intellectual Property).

The Controller also has certain statutory functions under the Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000Links to external website. In the main, these functions are concerned with dealing with registration of copyright licensing bodies, references and applications relating to licensing schemes operated by those bodies and the resolution of disputes regarding royalty amounts arising mainly in the area of public performance of sound recordings.

The Controller also makes available information about intellectual property.

Mission Statement

The central mission of the Patents Office is:

"To provide an efficient and effective system of industrial property protection that will encourage technological progress and promote enterprise through the implementation by the Office of the relevant legislation".

This is to be achieved through the protection of industrial property rights in the fields of patents, trade marks and designs, and the dissemination of relevant information in conjunction with each of these activities.